These are stories I wrote when I used to play Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds. The game highly recommended role-playing and these stories are the results of them. I used a lot of characters in the game, hence the different authors.

LeiLuc's Story

Author: LeiLuc

Author's Note: This was when LeiLuc was a male character.

LeiLuc looked around, seeing all devastation and destruction before him. LeiLuc looked down, holding his true love in his arms.

"Oh, Leison, no!"

She lay there, still, no longer hearing his words of love. His eyes blurred by tears, he carried her to where the Tentors have not touched with their destruction. LeiLuc placed her under a narra tree gently, touching her now frozen cheek.

"What have I done?" he said in remorse.

The Tentors have attacked LeiLuc's home, and he was not there to protect her. After all the years that he had waged war against them, the Tentors have finally taken revenge on LeiLuc's family, his love, his life. He should not have started it with his rageful nature, his evil temper. And now, the consequence of a war that wasnt meant to be, LeiLuc's love has been taken away from him forever.

He took the cursed blade from his sheath. He looked at it, shiny in its nature, deadly on whoever takes its path. He looked at Leison, her lovely face calling to him.

LeiLuc nodded, and said, Leison, my evil is gone. I finally see what you were telling me all these years. I will no longer do evil.

With that, he struck his blade on the rock beside him, making the ground shake. There, the blade, no longer cursed, will stay until it will be needed for good, not evil. LeiLuc walked away, not seeing a faint smile on Leison's face, as if she has found peace at last.

LeiLuc Finds Leison Again

Author: LeiLuc

Author's Note: This was when LeiLuc was a male character.

March 2002

LeiLuc wandered alone...walking in the Wilderness, alone in his thoughts. He never thought he would lose Leison, his wife. But after the Tentors have invaded his home and destroyed everything in sight, he will never again see her beautiful face. His heart was wrenched with grief, as he trudged along blindly, that he didn't notice until the last minute that he had reached the Jujak shrine.

He remembered that his wife Leison was a Jujak. Did the Fates bring him here? He thought he might as well go in to pay homage for his wife. Pulling out a gold acorn in his pocket, he steps in the shrine, disappearing in a cloud of smoke. He finally materializes in the serene Jujak shrine, looking around him in awe of the glory and splendor of the hall.

He went towards the altar, preparing to speak to the old priestess facing it. The priestess turned from her duties, and saw the buff warrior. "What honor have I to see such a hero?" she smiled.

LeiLuc bowed and kneeled on one knee. "It is my honor that I have been graced by your presence, dear Lady Priestess." he replied.

"Flattery will do you no good." the priestess said knowingly. "Do you come to pay homage then?"

"Yes, my Lady, I have come to pay homage for my wife, Leison, a former Jujak, that recently passed away." he said, handing her the gold acorn.

"Leison? My, that name sounds familiar. And you said she is dead?" the priestess looked at him with wise eyes.

"Yes, my Lady. Why do you ask?" LeiLuc looked up, curious.

"It is true that your wife has passed away...but, I sense her spirit is not dead." the priestess closed her eyes in meditation.

"What you say is true? I have not lost her?" LeiLuc stood up, alert.

"Yes, she is alive...but she is not of the same form as before. Her spirit has emerged, but has taken the form of a little baby." The priestess opened her eyes and looked at him. "A daughter?"

"A daughter? My daughter?!" LeiLuc asked incredulously.

"Yes. Go, and find her. She is waiting for you as we speak." the priestess smiled.

"Where is she?"

"She is among the ashes...beside a tree of tremendous strength and a rock with a blade sheathed at its depth...go...." the priestess then turned back to her tasks.

LeiLuc turned and left the shrine to look for his daughter. Rushing back to his ruined home, he arrived at the narra tree where he had laid Leison, his wife. Beside the tree was the rock and the cursed blade sheathed within. He saw, instead of finding his slain wife there, he found a mound of ashes, and on top of the ashes...a baby girl wrapped in Fine Cloth.

He picked the baby up, and looked into her eyes. The baby looked back at him, as if telling him that she is Leison, the daughter of Leison his wife, renamed with the same name so, as she was born out of the Leison's ashes. She has come to bring peace throughout the land, and bring relief to LeiLuc's raging soul.

LeiLuc smiled at the baby, with tears running down his eyes. He hugs his daughter and walks off, carrying her in his arms, knowing that he himself has found peace inside him, at last.

LK (Lost Kingdom) Story

Author: LeiLuc

Author's Note: Unfinished. I never really was that inspired at the time.

April 2002

I looked around the area, surveying his surroundings. It seemed I had reached the palace in Kugnae. This was my destination, as I had come to render my services to King Yuri as a warrior. As I started to go in through the palace gates, I was stopped by a Kugnae guard, a sword drawn towards me..

"I need to speak to the King," I said.

"You cannot enter. King Yuri has been stricken with a mysterious illness." the guard said, sternly.

"I have important matters to speak with him..." I started shoving his sword away from me.

"Please!" said the guard, now more earnest than stern, "If you must see him, at least help the King from his illness."

I looked at the guard, sad and desolate. I nodded, and went inside the palace.

A New Life

Author: LeiLuc

April 2003

I have been pondering on what to do with my husband, Ruchi, gone. Will he come back for me? His journey seems tedious, and I am growing impatient. I know not what has become of him. I fear that he might have perished, never to return again.

In light of this, must I look for a new life? LostKingdom clan has given me a good home. This family has taken me into their care, and have treated me well. But with the love of my life gone, I have given up hope to happiness. I'll just have to wait a little longer and see...


Author: LeLoc

April 2003

This is the first time in a long time that I have participated in an Avatars Carnage. I guess I really had my hopes up in winning this time. I had nothing compared to the other players. The only thing that was nice was to see a friend there, and we just had a good time, though I died quickly. In fact, our team lost. The other team was too powerful. The only good thing I had from it is see an old friend and get a little experience.


Author: LeiLuc

April 2003

I was most fortunate to see that LostKingdom clan is thriving. We have received new scribes in the past month, and we have new staff ((NPCs)) walking in our halls.

Akachan came by and greeted me. She stopped for a moment and saw that I was part of her Courtesy Lance.

"You're Courtesy Lance?!" she asked in surprise.

I laughed and nodded. "I used to be Champ, too." I replied.

Akachan, you see, is the current Courtesy Champion. She was pleasantly surprised.

She then said, "I have not put up any applications for my lance yet. I'm so bad at writing."

"Consider me as part of your lance." I smiled and bowed to her. She bowed and smiled back at me.

"Hm, I think I still have a copy of a Courtesy Application parchment in my room. Let me check." I said, while walking towards my room and going through my work desk. Sure enough, I found the copy. "Ah, yes, here it is." I handed Akachan the copy. "You can have it. It's from our sweet LadyFallon herself." I smiled.

"Thankies!" Akachan grinned from ear to ear.

"If you ever need my help, let me know." I called to her, as she walked back to the main hall. She smiled and nodded in agreement.

Yes, the clan is thriving, and Akachan, I thought, would make a good contributor to the Courtesy Lance. I smiled at myself, as I went about my business.

LeLoc's Story

Author: LeLoc

April 2003

I was a humble young man, born from poverty. I lived in the shacks just outside of Kugnae, and everyday, I watched as people walk in and out of the gates. As I watched them with wide-eyed awe, I wondered to myself if I was ever going to be like them. Everyone seemed to be so well to do, without anything to worry food. Food that my family scarcely had. I grew up, with the determination to be rich and powerful.

Years had passed. True to my word, I achieved my goal to be rich and powerful. I had a huge house, money to spend anything with, and I learned through the Warrior Guildmaster to be a powerful Chung Ryong Warrior. I had achieved the 4th Level of the art of Chung Ryong and didn't look back.

Due to this, I had become arrogant and rude. I would go to arenas and kill everyone in all the tournaments. I was ruthless. They dubbed me as the Dark Knight as I would always wear dark armor. I showed no mercy to anyone, and I grew richer and richer.

One day, as I got out of one of the arenas, having finished one tournament, I felt the urge to go to Dae Shore. I never went there in my life, with the exception of doing a quest from the Warrior Guildmaster to help the Sea King. But that was years ago, and I had pushed it at the back of my memory. I wandered to the shore and sat at the embankment. I felt the need to meditate right then and there, though I haven't done that before.

As I meditated, I saw a vision in my mind. It was a vision of a beautiful woman. Her dress was blue, blue as the sea, and it had sequins that twinkled like the ripples of the water. She had a little crown on her head, and I realized she was of royalty. She looked at me with sad eyes, and seemed to beckon me to help her. I felt the inclination to do so, but as I reached out to her, the vision disappeared, and I woke up from my trance with a start.

I pondered for a moment, and I didn't know what to think of the vision. My Guildmaster always had an answer for everything, so I went to him and asked him about it.

"I'm afraid I do not have the answer that you seek." he began, after I told him the story. "There is a clan that may be able to help you, though.

"They are called Oceana. They are Children of the Tides. The woman you tell me about seems like a Princess that belongs in the waters. The Oceana clan might be able to identify her." the Guildmaster told me. And so I went.

I have seen the Oceana clan before. They seemed to keep to themselves, but I heard from rumors that they have just arrived to Koguryo a year ago. Their hall faced the ocean, which seemed appropriate because of their relation to the Sea King. I wrote a letter and gave it to a messenger to deliver to the clan, hoping to talk to one of the people within the clan. A few hours later, I received a letter, saying that they couldn't talk to me then, but if I needed any advice I should go to Chu Rua, the aged sea turtle. I remember Chu Rua, as he helped guide me to do that quest from long ago. I trudged towards where he resided, along the shores of the Guol.

"Ah, 'tis you again." the old Chu Rua smiled.

"You remember me?" I stopped in surprise.

"Yes. How could I forget the person who helped me save my King?" Chu Rua said.

"I have come, seeking for answers of a vision I have seen..." I began, telling Chu Rua the whole story of my vision.

"The woman you are talking about in your vision is the Sea Princess. No mistake." Chu Rua began. "I believe she is beckoning to you, because she feels that your strength and determination will help save the Children of the Tides."

"Children of the mean Oceana?" I asked incredulously. "But they seem to be thriving well without my help."

"Ah, but that is only the surface. No one knows what really lies skin-deep." Chu Rua regarded me with wise eyes.

"I have no time for such useless things!" I replied, impatiently.

"But you do. I feel it in your heart." he said. "You were once a humble young man, and you have forgotten the value of community and heart." Chu Rua pondered for a moment. "Maybe I was mistaken. The Children of the Tides do not need your help. You need theirs."

"Bah! Impossible! I need nothing!" I shouted angrily.

"Oh, but you do." Chu Rua smiled. "You have strayed from your family as soon as you grew up. You abandoned and brushed off their pleas for help. A few years passed and your family died, from sickness and poverty. You did nothing to help them. As soon as you realized the loss of what you have created, you have accumulated guilt and remorse. Your guilt has turned to more hatred and ruthlessness that you have become arrogant and cruel. It is time to repay your debts and become humble once more."

As I listened to Chu Rua, I realized that he was right. All the nightmares I get at night, the ruthlessness I show in left me empty. I bowed my head, and suddenly, a ray of light shone behind me. I turn around, and there she was. The woman in my vision. The Sea Princess.

"It is time, my dear." she began, with a smile and tears in her eyes. "It is time to go back and be part of a family again." Then she vanished.

I walked back to Kugnae, with a lighter heart. I now felt that I needed a new family, who will take me on with loving arms. I needed to be humble again. I sent another parcel to an Oceana messenger, this time requesting to be taken on as part of their clan...their family.

A New Family

Author: LeLoc

April 2003

I have been contacted tonight by Sadira. She wanted me to meet her in Kugnae so she could summon me. I have recently sent her a parchment of joining her clan, Oceana. She summoned me once I reached Kugnae, and I was transported to the lovely hall of Oceana.

I was amazed. I didn't think I would be chosen. Yet, she just smiled at me and asked me a few questions and what I knew about Oceana. I answered with all honesty and confidence, because I knew all about Oceana and its beginnings. She then asked me what a family is about...

Family? I never had one that I remembered. I did, but I pushed it at the back of my mind, to erase the painful memories of my past. I will tell you more of that when I am ready.

I held back tears, and told her what I wanted in a family: a family is a group of people who respect you, and love you for who you are, and are by your side no matter what. She smiled, as if she was pleased at what she heard.

"Would you like Oceana to be your family?" she asked, after I finished.

"Yes, I would." I said, with uncertainty on where this was going to end up.

"Then I welcome you to Oceana. This place is not only a clan, but it is of family. Caring for another member..."

As she started welcoming me into the clan, I was in awe. I had never thought to be part of another family...but as she welcomed me into the hall, all the clan whispered welcome to me, and I felt glad in my heart. This is my new family now...I'm grateful to be in it.


Author: LeLoc

May 2003

What a day! I never realized what was going to happen today.

I was walking about in the hall when I decided to check out the Oceana board. Ah, I discovered there was going to be another play! I never got a chance to go to the first one, as I wasn't part of the family then. I read through the script, and I couldn't help but smile. I was debating on whether to join the cast. I did a post on it, but then deleted it, and THEN reposted. I'm indecisive, because I didn't know if I could make it nor did I think I was good enough. I guess we'll have to see this Friday. -crosses fingers-

After that bit, I heard Sarina of the Diviners sage for an event. I checked out the Community Events board and saw that it was a Divination readings for all who participate. Again, I was indecisive to participate, because I didn't think I was good enough. But, since my nightmares started back up again, I finally decided to go.

When I got there, I saw one of my Clan kindred, Kahni. I thought she was the perfect Diviner I can approach about my problem. I told her my story:

"I have been having nightmares as of late, and everytime I wake up in a cold sweat and start out screaming. My family, you see, were poor. We hardly had anything to eat, nor had we any coins to scrape up. Because of this, I had grown up ambitious, to become rich and never live hungry ever again. As a result, I had become greedy, harsh and cruel. I had left my family behind, leaving them still in poverty. I never helped them. Pretty soon, they have all perished, died, and still in poverty. My nightmares consist of these visions, and my family call out to me, asking for help. But I couldn't, because I was bound by thorns. And I couldn't speak, because my mouth was bound by vines. Can you tell me what this means?"

Kahni lit a flame to a wick and the flame turned blue. I sat there, mesmerized at the flame. She began: "Where is your family?"

"They are all gone, except for my new one: my wife and children." I replied.

"I think," she said, "that this dream of yours might be a sign. A sign that tells you that what happened to the past is the present. Perhaps it was guilt that gave you these nightmares. You care for your family now so much or you wouldn't come seeking for my help." She smiled. "Your family is now more important to you than money. You must protect them and love them as you do now."

"I see." I began. "Then that must be the answer."

"After this enlightenment, you shouldn't have anymore nightmares." Kahni smiled.

"Thank you, m'lady." I bowed and wandered off.

((I stayed awhile, as they were giving out prizes on the best roleplaying reading. Kahni chose me as her winner, and thus proceded to give me a legend mark: "Fortune revealed by Kahni". I was grateful. She also asked me what Trigram key I wanted. I asked for Earth. She sent me the key later on.))

As I said. Quite a day today. I hope to do more for the next time.


Author: LeLoc

June 2003

Something was amiss among the kindred. Nothing was right at all. I have seen hushed conversations here and there, and some of them looked either confused, angry or just nonchalant. Rumors spread like wildfire: was it true our Sea Priestess is no longer with us?

An emergency clan meeting was called today. I had to make sure that the rumors were true.

One by one, kindred came from around the kingdoms to gather for this meeting. Our Primarch, Vini, was sombre and looked troubled. The other council members stood beside him, with the same quiet restlessness. The crowd wasn't as big, so I was able to get a good seat to hear of all that's been going on.

Vini reported that it was true that Jayme, our Sea Priestess, has been banned from the kingdoms. She will no longer be our Primogeness. Thus, our clan is left without a leader. Vini is currently talking to the Archon Themis in how to go about assigning a new primogen in our clan. A lot of people were convinced that Vini was the perfect candidate. Why not? It seemed that he was, due to the fact that he was the Primarch and second-in-command after Jayme. He was reluctant to accept the position, as it would seem unfair to other people's opinions about him, good or bad. He wanted a fair vote for a primogen, requiring all of the kindred to place a vote for one of any council member.

I just stood there, contemplating the situation. It seems that this clan is slowly digressing, but I could see in the eyes of the council members the dignity and committment they hold for the clan. I pushed away the thought of leaving the clan, because I still had hope for this family.

So, I now come to face what I think is a democratic push for the clan. Vote for a new primogen. Only time will tell on what is in store for me and the clan.


Author: LeLoc

June 2003

Still the anticipation builds. I still have no idea when our new Primogen will be announced. It was supposedly today. I was somewhat nervous when I stepped into the hall. I checked the clan board, but no word yet. I even whispered to the clan my feelings of nervousness. Artic replied back, and said that it's even a worse feeling when you're Council. Hehe, I guess she was right about that. I'm glad that I'm not in her or other Council's shoes. Yet. I left the clan hall, still not knowing who our new Primogen will be. I should always tell myself to be patient.

A New Primogen...A New Era

Author: LeLoc

June 2003

Vini is now primogen. It has been voted upon and the kindred of Oceana think that Vini is right for the position. I am happy for him, and I hope he will do a better job than our previous leaders.

I came by to congratulate him, and Artic. Seems she was promoted to be the Primarch for Oceana. This is good, as she is one of the Council that really does her job. And a job well done.

Here's hoping that Oceana will grow as the new era for us begins.

Muse Goat Who Ran

Author: Lanaia

June 2005

Scared to bits
Hair standing on end,
This little animal
Was ready to bend.

Muse Goat was hungry
So she ate Lanaia's dress,
Lanaia was so angry
She liked Muse Goat less and less.

Muse Goat who ran
With Lanaia at her heels,
No more part of Lanaia's
Will be one of her meals!