Flying Pigs

April 1998

In the land where I live, there are cows who give eggs, chickens who give milk, horses that croak, frogs that neigh, goats that are small and live in a goat hill (very good workers!), ants that are big and eat everything in sight, the dog that wakes us up in the morning by his “cock-a-doodle-doo,” and pigs that fly.

These pigs are special creatures. Every spring, they gather up a lot of mud to make nests out of it. They swipe the corn out of our fields, and I tried in vain to ward them off with a scare pig.

And how they fly! You’d think they would look clumsy, but no, they’re not. They glide, swoop, twist, and swirl in the air, as if they’ve been flying all their life. And they are very cunning, too. Why, you ask? Because no one has ever caught one. Oh, yes, they’re very playful; letting anyone think that catching them is a piece of hamburger (that’s “piece of cake” to some folks). They’d fly by a catcher, stop and then return to where the catcher was. Eventually they would look eye-to-eye; the catcher just looks at the pig, mesmerized and unable to move. He seems so fascinated that he forgets he was supposed to catch the pig. When he realizes what he intended to do, the pig already flew off. See what I mean? No one has ever caught a flying pig. They are wild creatures, these pigs are.

I do hope you will visit our land someday, where pigs fly. And hey, maybe you’ll be able to catch one. Maybe.