The Wait

February 1997

After long and agonizing hours, she waited and waited. Tears of perspiration ran down her temple. Now was the time. It must happen!

She remembered the first few hours. She was lying in anticipation, terror and awe skimming through her face. When will this end? Her frustration cried out for fulfillment. Her throat was parched, and she couldn’t breathe. She felt like the walls were coming down on her, like a big creepy hand pushing her downwards, but she still stayed where she was, trying not to flinch, trying hard to resist the urge to run away in terror.

Just then, a light brought her face into view. She waited, but now her face was clear of all terror. She smiled, all the anxiety gone from her face. She breathed a sigh of relief. She got into the system. Just then, she heard bleeps and sounds as the monitor she was gazing at lit up and said, “Welcome!” She was on-line with AOL and the Internet!