LeiLuc Finds Leison Again

Author: LeiLuc

March 2002

LeiLuc wandered alone…walking in the Wilderness, alone in his thoughts. He never thought he would lose Leison, his wife. But after the Tentors have invaded his home and destroyed everything in sight, he will never again see her beautiful face. His heart was wrenched with grief, as he trudged along blindly, that he didn’t notice until the last minute that he had reached the Jujak shrine.

He remembered that his wife Leison was a Jujak. Did the Fates bring him here? He thought he might as well go in to pay homage for his wife. Pulling out a gold acorn in his pocket, he steps in the shrine, disappearing in a cloud of smoke. He finally materializes in the serene Jujak shrine, looking around him in awe of the glory and splendor of the hall.

He went towards the altar, preparing to speak to the old priestess facing it. The priestess turned from her duties, and saw the buff warrior. “What honor have I to see such a hero?” she smiled.

LeiLuc bowed and kneeled on one knee. “It is my honor that I have been graced by your presence, dear Lady Priestess.” he replied.

“Flattery will do you no good.” the priestess said knowingly. “Do you come to pay homage then?”

“Yes, my Lady, I have come to pay homage for my wife, Leison, a former Jujak, that recently passed away..” he said, handing her the gold acorn.

“Leison? My, that name sounds familiar. And you said she is dead?” the priestess looked at him with wise eyes.

“Yes, my Lady. Why do you ask?” LeiLuc looked up, curious.

“It is true that your wife has passed away…but, I sense her spirit is not dead.” the priestess closed her eyes in meditation.

“What you say is true? I have not lost her?” LeiLuc stood up, alert.

“Yes, she is alive…but she is not of the same form as before. Her spirit has emerged, but has taken the form of a little baby.” The priestess opened her eyes and looked at him. “A daughter?”

“A daughter? My daughter?!” LeiLuc asked incredulously.

“Yes. Go, and find her. She is waiting for you as we speak.” the priestess smiled.

“Where is she?”

“She is among the ashes…beside a tree of tremendous strength and a rock with a blade sheathed at its depth…go….” the priestess then turned back to her tasks.

LeiLuc turned and left the shrine to look for his daughter. Rushing back to his ruined home, he arrived at the narra tree where he had laid Leison, his wife. Beside the tree was the rock and the cursed blade sheathed within. He saw, instead of finding his slain wife there, he found a mound of ashes, and on top of the ashes…a baby girl wrapped in Fine Cloth.

He picked the baby up, and looked into her eyes. The baby looked back at him, as if telling him that she is Leison, the daughter of Leison his wife, renamed with the same name so, as she was born out of the Leison’s ashes. She has come to bring peace throughout the land, and bring relief to LeiLuc’s raging soul.

LeiLuc smiled at the baby, with tears running down his eyes. He hugs his daughter and walks off, carrying her in his arms, knowing that he himself has found peace inside him, at last.