LeiLuc’s Story

Author: LeiLuc

January 2002

LeiLuc looked around, seeing all devastation and destruction before him. LeiLuc looked down, holding his true love in his arms.

“Oh, Leison, no!”

She lay there, still, no longer hearing his words of love. His eyes blurred by tears, he carried her to where the Tentors have not touched with their destruction. LeiLuc placed her under a narra tree gently, touching her now frozen cheek.

“What have I done?” he said in remorse.

The Tentors have attacked LeiLuc’s home, and he was not there to protect her. After all the years that he had waged war against them, the Tentors have finally taken revenge on LeiLuc’s family, his love, his life. He should not have started it with his rageful nature, his evil temper. And now, the consequence of a war that wasnt meant to be, LeiLuc’s love has been taken away from him forever.

He took the cursed blade from his sheath. He looked at it, shiny in its nature, deadly on whoever takes its path. He looked at Leison, her lovely face calling to him.

LeiLuc nodded, and said, “Leison, my evil is gone. I finally see what you were telling me all these years. I will no longer do evil.”

With that, he struck his blade on the rock beside him, making the ground shake. There, the blade, no longer cursed, will stay until it will be needed for good, not evil. LeiLuc walked away, not seeing a faint smile on Leison’s face, as if she has found peace at last.