I Will Never Forget…

Author: Aola

I find myself in the darkness, lying down, with my bow at my side. I hear nothing around me…just silence.

What has become of me? Have I fallen in a great battle? Ah, I remember now…I was alone, hunting in the Oren Wasteland, with my strongest dog beside me, Malakas.

“I think this is enough Lumps of Iron to last us a week, Malakas.” I smiled. “Let’s go back to town.”

Suddenly, I was caught unawares by Undead Elmore Soldiers behind me. “Run for it, Malakas! There’s too many of them!” I shouted to my faithful friend.

As we ran for it, I kept pelting the soldiers with silver arrows. There were about fifty of them! I see one by one fall, but there were still too many. I kept running, whilst shooting with all my might.

For being undead, these soldiers were quick as a fox. I would’ve thought that being an elf would make my feet swift and overcome these monstrous beings. Unfortunately, a few of them had caught up with me and pulled me towards them.

I struggled fervently. I had to get out of here, and fast. At this moment of struggle, I saw one of the undead soldier’s eyes. The horror! They do not have eyes at all. These soulless entities had only one thing in their minds: death.

One of them punched me on my side. I writhed in pain, trying to get up. But I was still held down like a vice-like grip. Slowly, I felt death coming for me, as they continued beat me to a pulp. At a distance, I saw that my faithful dog, Malakas, lying on the ground, motionless. He had already met his fate.

I kept thinking of my dear kind husband, ToddA. Oh my love, I will never again see your handsome face. I will no longer feel your hand in mine. I will never again feel your arms around me. I will never see our children grow up.

For some reason, my soul felt like it had lifted from my body and floated above me. I watched as my body was torn apart by the undeads. I heard a shout from a distance. I turn my head at the sound, and saw Prince ToddA with his dogs and his sharp sword. He started to kill the undeads one by one in succession.

As the last one fell, he walked towards me and picked my body up with tenderness. With a swoosh, my soul went back down to my body.

“Ah, my love.” cried ToddA. “I should’ve come sooner and you will have avoided this fate.”

Enduring the pain, I smiled with difficulty at my beloved. “It is not your fault, my lord. Things happen for a reason. The time has come for me.” I tried to lift my hand at his handsome face, but my hand was too painful for me to move.

“No, don’t leave me!” shouted ToddA angrily, tears running down his cheeks. “I will not let you die!”

I did not hear him. I merely said, “I want you to be happy. I don’t want you to be alone. If you ever find someone else to love, love her like you loved me.” I started shivering uncontrollably. ToddA held me tighter.

“I will never forget you, my love.” I said, after the shivering stopped. And there was darkness all over me. It was over.

Now, I find myself in this darkness. Am I truly dead? Why am I here? What is this place? As I continued to wonder, my thoughts have gone back to the last words from my lips to ToddA. Yes, my dear love, I will never forget…