Ivory Tower Experience

Author: Aola

I have finally set foot again in the land of Depardeiu. My prince, ToddA, has met up with me and we talked for some time. He invited me, later on, to hunt with him to Ivory Tower. I agreed right away, as I was wanting to get a hold of that Blood-To-Soul Crystal.

I had to gather up some supplies to tide me over for the hunt. This was the first time in weeks since I had one, and I didn’t want to stop in midstream. I stocked up on silver arrows, some healing potions ((ojs)) and even some lesser healing ones. Then I used my Scroll of Polymorph to morph into an Orc Scout to be able to hit better. I left my dogs behind because I didn’t want them to die during the hunt. Using my Blessed Teleportation Scroll, I was on my way.

My prince never looked handsomer. I haven’t seen him in so long. I casted Earth Skin and a bunch of other spells on us to protect us further. I took a deep breath, and followed my prince inside the mysterious Ivory Tower.

We walked quickly, as we didn’t want to waste our spells just by walking. By the time we got to the third level, Prince ToddA stopped. “Arathin is coming with us,” he said. I was overjoyed, as Arathin is a good hunter and part of our alliance. While we waited, I regenerated my mana by casting Blood-To-Mind. Of course, my health began going down, but I didn’t mind. ToddA just laughed.

Arathin finally came, and we set off. The next level was very dark and gloomy. I’ve been there before, but I still felt chills on my spine as we trudged the dark hallways. We started hunting. The Iron Golems were very strong, it took a while to beat them down. The Living Armors, the ones I seek that drop B2S, were easy enough, but they do hit hard. We kept doing this for a while. I have gotten a few drops here and there, but not worthwhile…yet.

After hunting for a good long time, ToddA had to call it quits. “I’m so tired. I’m falling asleep. ” he smiled at us. I told him to go back to Oren and get some sleep in the inn there. He bade Arathin and I farewell and teleported back to town.

Arathin and I kept going. I still have not gotten the crystal I seek, but this was such good training for me, I really didn’t mind not finding it. As we were busy hunting down Living Armors, Iron Golems and Mimics, I was surprised to get this from one of the Living Armors:

Arathin told me to use a Scroll of Identify on it, because it might be blessed. Sure enough, it was. I was quite happy about it and was thinking of selling it one of these days.

We called it a hunt after an intense training. I went to the dwarf storage and deposited all the important drops I had gotten. I forgot to mention that I had acquired a High Quality Ruby as well. Arathin looked around all the cities to see how much that Blessed Banded Mail was. He couldn’t find the price for it, so I told him that I’ll wait until another day.

I had a great time, but there were times where my life was in peril. But then, having a good hunting group is all worthwhile.