ENGL 1301: Journals

September 1997

Time sure does fly fast. Well, just yesterday it was August. With so many activities that happened last week, I’m not surprised. Anyway, I promised Iris I would write today, so here I am. I’m so happy that I finally straightened out my room after all the ruckus that occurred. I just need to get my records organized and I’m all set. But I don’t want to do that now, I feel so dead already. Besides, my wrist hurts. I guess it’s from all those lifting that I did. Oh well. Right now, I’m pissed off at Ric cuz I know he’s going to wake me up early in the morning just to get him in the office. Hey, I don’t want to wake up for anybody, unless it’s really necessary. I don’t want to be forced. It’ll make the rest of my day gloomy, and I don’t like that. Oh, why does he have to be so bossy and nosy? I wish he would stop.

Met a guy online yesterday. He’s too young for me, but he asked me on a date. I don’t even know him! The things guys do to get gals on their bed. He’s not that young, but still, I consider him as too young for me. Besides, I have a boyfriend already, so why do I waste my time on this guy? It’s not worth it.

Oh well, I might as well sleep already since Mr. Bossy will be calling me, for sure. Grabe!