Our Life

O Lord, why is life like this?
Loving each other is what I miss,
Fighting is what I like to cease,
My sisters oftentimes fight like enemies

But then, after not saying sorry,
They’re being friends again.
Then after a time, my sister’s bossy,
Please realize their pain.

Even I get involved,
It’s like a bomb ready to explode!
No contacts with each other,
No loving for one another

Please, Lord, help us.
Give us protection from temptation.
Save us, Lord, You must.
We got to get out of this ‘angry nation’.

CI ’88 Mosquitoes

O Lord, how can it be,
Besides meeting new friends
I also meet mosquitoes which sting my hands,
My face is also covered with spots
Countless spots of mosquito bites.
O Lord, please help me?
So I can sleep so soundly.

It even kisses my lips,
That creates bulges of itch
And even in small places
It even bites my legs.
O Lord, would you help me?
It makes me so angry.

True Friends

Something inside of me
Gets excited when you all talk to me
I’ve met friends here and there
But never special, they’re only there

Then, I met you, him and her
You’re forever special, you’re always here
But I’m so sorry to say
For I don’t deserve you that’s like a day
A day which comes and meets me
Not like an enemy that never greets me

I hope you always stay that way
Not like someone who wants me astray
And so, I thank you, my friends
For you are my true friends.

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day, Teacher’s Day
This is the wonderful time to rest
For teachers on this wonderful day.
For they are going to select the best
The best students who’ll replace them in N.C.B.A.

The students are going to teach
And scold noisy students beyond their reach
They’re going to imitate their teachers
And the teachers are to imitate their students
So what will they do
But to change positions on Teacher’s Day!


February 1992

I’ve been searching for someone that would always be true
Then my heart came alive the moment I met you.
You’re always in my thoughts, my dreams, and desires.
No one can compare my feelings you acquired.
My heart fills with happiness whenever you’re around:
it lurches, beats quickly, it will burst, I’ll be bound.
I’m hoping you will notice me even just a glance.
A smile would be welcome, then, I can dance!
One day, we will part, for that, I am sure;
But my love will not die, a love that’s for you.

Till The End

February 1994

If trees could grow and birds could fly,
why not build our love and give it a try?
You touched my life in such a way
that I could live for another day.
You’re like a sun that shone through me;
a heart full of darkness, no reality.
If I were you and you were me,
I won’t let you go, I won’t set you free.
Love me today to end my sorrow,
and I will love you till the end of tomorrow.

Without You

February 1994

I think about you every single moment.
I feel so blue every single day.
Your feelings are true: you don’t love me.
But I love you; that’s how it should be.
I want to tell you who I really am,
but what can it do? You don’t give a damn!
Life’s so unfair! Its stingy hands are rejoicing.
We’ll part as strangers, but how will the loving?
I want to explode! Oh, but what can I do?
It’s really unfair to live without you.

You Smiled

February 1994

You smiled–
and even talked to me.
Oh, I can’t believe it’s happening to me!

You smiled–
but what could I do?
I just stared and looked at you!

You smiled–
I couldn’t speak.
But my heart did, and I felt weak.

You smiled–
but then I knew,
that you don’t know that I love you.

The Wait

February 1997

After long and agonizing hours, she waited and waited. Tears of perspiration ran down her temple. Now was the time. It must happen!

She remembered the first few hours. She was lying in anticipation, terror and awe skimming through her face. When will this end? Her frustration cried out for fulfillment. Her throat was parched, and she couldn’t breathe. She felt like the walls were coming down on her, like a big creepy hand pushing her downwards, but she still stayed where she was, trying not to flinch, trying hard to resist the urge to run away in terror.

Just then, a light brought her face into view. She waited, but now her face was clear of all terror. She smiled, all the anxiety gone from her face. She breathed a sigh of relief. She got into the system. Just then, she heard bleeps and sounds as the monitor she was gazing at lit up and said, “Welcome!” She was on-line with AOL and the Internet!

ENGL 1301: Journals

August 1997

4:03 AM. I can’t believe I’m sleepy yet I feel awake. I guess there was just too much going on today. And I didn’t really do that much! I really didn’t feel like doing that editing deal, but I knew I had to. Of course, I wanted to get it done and over with. It wasn’t so hard, anyway. Just added some graphics, cut a shot from there, and voila! It’s done. But my mom didn’t really have to schedule a shoot right after I was done with editing! Man, she really wants to do everything at the same time. Look where it’s got to us. Late for work, and the patient was waiting for her. And whatever was she saying? Get some hot packs, she said, and then she’d mean the infrared! I know she’s busy for a lot of things, but she really needs to think of what she’s saying. Or else I’m the one to get blamed for it! Me, me, me. Oh no, I forgot to tell the other people that there’s practice tomorrow. I really need to stop being the gopher all the time. I always do the hard work! Maybe my sister was right. I think I need to get myself an apartment. That way, I could become responsible for myself and I don’t have to depend on other people. Oh well. I have to get another stable job with good income and maybe that’ll help me. And when will that happen? I dunno. For now, I just have to be content on what I have.

Ach, I smell like a cigar butt! Well, I smell of cigarette smoke, not that I really smoked. The Speeds place really reeks a lot of it. I know I shouldn’t have come because of my colds, but then I was having such a good time! Cheryl was acting weird again. I guess she had a lot on her mind. Hmm, she’s thinking of getting back with Joe, huh? I guess it’s for the best cuz she needs a man! He, he, he. Which reminds me of Dennis. Gosh, he’s leaving us! I’ve only met him through the Internet, yet he’s been a pretty nice guy. I could even say my best buddy in the International Superhighway! I will miss him. I just hope he still keeps in touch with Cheryl and me. That was sweet of him to send that first IM we had. I can’t believe he saved it in a file, though. I thought I was bad in printing some of our discussions, but he really saved them in a disk! Well, what can I do? He’s sweet, though.

I hear my sister and brother-in-law just coming back in. They took their time coming back. It’s scary going to the office in the middle of the night like this. 4:20 AM. Oh no, I have to get up early to get my eyes checked. Gotta go sleep.

But still, even though I was bad at pool, I managed to keep Shanta’ on the edge. Not bad, Leiza. I think you’re improving. Keep practicing. Just hope they won’t card you this time. Ho hum, nightie-night!