girltree You are suddenly pulled towards the book, as if it had consumed you. You see blackness for a moment, and then you see a light in the distance. You rub your eyes to see clearly through the distance.

An image forms, and you see a vision of a girl, sitting under a tree. The tree looks familiar. Isn’t this the same place where you found the book?

She hears a sound of footsteps close by. Gazing up from her journal book, she sees you and smiles.

“Hi.” she says. “You must be wondering what you’re doing here.” She gets up from where she was sitting and brushes off some grass from her skirt. “Well, I can tell you one thing: I am not Alice in Wonderland.” She grins.

“I am Halini, and I like telling short stories, and sometimes poems here and there. That’s what I have in my journal book right now,” as she gestures at the pages under her arm, “and if you want to, you can look inside and see what I have written.”

She laughs, as you hesitate. “It’s not going to bite you. Go on. Take a peek.” as she hands you the journal.

Do you dare to read it? Find out and see.



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